Because of the recent changes that were made with search engine algorithms, how fast targeted keywords rank has also changed. It takes more time to rank than it used to take.

But these changes don’t mean that it’s impossible to rank well and rank fast. You’ll learn more about these changes and how to rank in the information shared in SEO Enigma Reloaded.

The time it takes to rank well is between 36-48 hours depending on your keywords. By using certain tactics that are well within the rules of SEO since the changes, you can still drive up your ranking fairly quickly. But the reason why you can do this might surprise you.

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To rank fast, you need to turn to the power of long tail keywords. If you think that you can use short tail keywords and rank just as fast, you’d be wrong. The reason is because the new algorithm changes affect how search engines look at your website. Long tail keywords come across as looking more relevant in a search.

The more specific your keywords happen to be, the better and faster they end up ranking. While everything about your website does play into how well your site does overall in a search engine, your keywords carry the bulk of the responsibility.

By using long tail keywords, you speak to an audience that already knows what they’re looking for. This matters because target specific sites using long tail keywords fare better with how fast they get indexed and ranked.

You rank faster using long tail keywords because you’re not battling everyone else as much as you are with the shorter keywords. Your competition is not as thick. This means that your use of long tail keywords stands out and ranks faster.

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What you have to do is have a handful of long tail keywords that are all geared toward driving search traffic your way. You want the words that aren’t as competitive for a reason.

If you’ve paid attention to the changes going on, you’ll see that search engines are utilizing a more question and answer format. When someone asks a question, the search engine wants to give that person better results that answer the question rather than give him or her a broad list of what the answer might be.

These formats are leaning away from the vague, catch-all of short tail keywords. For example, instead of typing in “poison ivy,” people are searching for “home remedies for poison ivy.” The short tail keyword is so broad that it brings up results that search engines feel are too vague.

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