Google has made some changes and it has caused some sites more than a few headaches. Like a lot of search engines, though, making changes and updating guidelines is just what has to be done.

These updates are intended to improve the way sites are ranked and as a way to bring viewers relevant search results. But when these changes deal with algorithms, it can certainly shake things up.

It can cause a site to take a hard hit in their rankings. It can also cause the site to get booted out of their once higher search engine results. This shakeup was done for the purpose of catching sites that don’t follow the rules.

But unfortunately, the sites that were following the rules ended up also taking a hit. You’ll know if your site got hit by any of the Google updates because you may notice that either your ranking dropped or your organic traffic did. There are few reasons this might have happened.

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The updates made by Google were looking at sites, checking for specific things. Sites that had the same content on the majority of the pages were penalized. This was supposed to be geared toward sites that say the same thing on the most of their pages.

But it ended up also penalizing legitimate sites. SEO Enigma Reloaded takes the guesswork out of trying to figure out how to keep your sites from getting penalized. The program will show you what works and what you should avoid.

If you’re promoting a product and you have the same wording as everyone else who is also promoting that product, then that will end up being caught. Not because it’s wrong of you to use describe the product the same way, (because after all, there’s only so much you can say about the same product) – but because the content was identical.

You can fix this issue by having unique content. Even if you’re talking about the same product, don’t use the same words. That means, you should not copy and paste what’s being said about the product. Put it in your own words.

If you have a lot of pages but not a lot of content, this could also harm you in terms of ranking and traffic because it doesn’t benefit visitors. Also, you need to have a decent amount of content above the fold.

Big fonts that take up the majority of space above the fold will get you busted if it hasn’t already. The reason is because you have huge words taking up all of that space, so you’re not giving enough content when the visitor first lands, allowing them to judge the benefit of your site.

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You might have a lot of it below the fold where you talk about the benefits of the product, but you need more above the fold (before the visitor has to start scrolling).

To notice the changes, all you have to do is type something in the Google search box. You’ll see that the huge ads that used to be highlighted at the top of the search results are no longer highlighted. This change is so that people’s attention is drawn to the ad rather than other sites.

You can fight these changes by having quality content on your pages. Limit your ads and look at your backlinks. Since you get fewer characters now for your search, make sure that your headline stands out.

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