Is Your Website Hurting Your SEO

If you have taken the time to create a website that is well organized and fills the needs of your search engine optimization goals but you are not getting the results you want, before you become overwhelmed or frustrated, consider some of the problems that you could be experiencing. It is quite common for websites to have small things that are a problem that can be easily fixed that will create an incredible result. There are other things that can take a bit more time to build on. Keep in mind the following tips for building your business by first focusing on the mistakes on your site holding back your optimization.

Answer the following questions to find out if your website could be hurting your optimization
• Is your website just plain junk? In other words, does it only contain worthless information for the reader?

• Does your website contain information that is out of date or that is otherwise not useful to the reader right now?

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• Does the website offer poor organization? If it is confusing to get from one page to the next or does not have an overall theme that is organized, that could be hurting your site, too.

• Does your website provide your readers with a call to action? In other words, does it tell them what they need to do right now to get the results they are after?

• Does your website cost too much right now? In many ways, it can be expensive to run a website but you do not have to have an expensive monthly bill to actually have an effective and well performing website.

• Is your website providing information that is too generic or to broad in nature?

• Does your website provide the reader with a solution to their problem? Most people head online to get an answer to their problem.


If you answered yes to these questions or even to just one, you already know what you need to do to rank better in search engines. The key is to remember that you are writing for your readers not for the search engines. When you get that bit of information in line, you can then begin to count on your search engine optimization skills. The focus point needs to be your reader and ranking will come naturally from that point on for your website. Choosing The Right Keywords for SEO Once you have taken the time to develop a full list of keywords to use for your website, you may be facing thousands of keywords. Many times, this type of research can take your website in numerous directions. For the first time website developer or the business owner hoping to create an effective website for their business and to compete against the ever expanding web, there is no doubt that having the right keywords matter. However, the task of paring down your keyword options to find just those that are vital and effective for your website can be a big task itself.

Take each of the keywords you have come up with and create a chart or a matrix. This process is one of the best ways for you to pare down your options in keywords and to create an effective
and well balanced website that works for your particular needs.


Analyze the terms you have listed in the chart. There are several things to look for in doing this:

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• Determine where the most valuable keywords are. This means determining which keywords most relate to the theme of your website. If you sell car parts, for example, using that term is going to be important.

• Determine where the traffic is. By looking at which keywords are important to your business and then ranking them by their importance in rank by how many types people type them into a search engine, you can really start to see the value of some words over others.

• Determine where the keywords are that are going to convert for you. Converting may mean getting sign ups or getting people to purchase from you. In the car parts example, the word car parts for sale may be an important keyword to use throughout your website, depending on how well it ranks against others similar.


The goal in creating this type of chart is to give you more information and comparison tools to help you to choose the keywords that are going to achieve your goals for the website. There are many different terms out there and sometimes it is not uncommon to have 10,000 or more keywords that could relate to the website. However, that does not mean that you should use all of those words. Rather, you want to compare your options by traffic, relevancy as well as conversions to make decisions.

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