SEO Tips for 2015

SEO Tips for 2015

seoThe landscape of search engine optimization is always changing. Certain elements remain the same, but other parts of the algorithms have to be updated to keep spammers from ruling the Internet.

One thing that will never change – despite how SEO changes – is the need for content that’s real and delivers what people want. If you don’t have good content, you’re going to see your sites affected now and in the future.

Not only should you have quality content on all of your sites and content that’s more than a few words, but you should also focus on your social media content. This is an often overlooked virtual real estate that’s prime for SEO strategies.

Pay attention to customer feedback – the comments, questions and suggestions can help you gear your SEO toward what today’s customers are looking for. You can use their tips to better your SEO.

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No matter how tempting it is, don’t try to figure out a way to beat the new SEO rules. It will only come back to bite you in the end and you’ll lose valuable time as well as opportunities for business growth.

While some businesses are afraid that links are on the way out, they’re not. Use links on your business sites, but make sure they’re natural ones. You want to take the time to build a credible network.

This means looking to build relationships with those who work for online newspapers or news organizations. Build relationships with experts in your niche, with bloggers and others who will talk about your business.

This is a way of building natural SEO links, brand awareness and more. It’s important because credible sites talking about your site gives more authority to your business.

You must be mobile savvy when it comes to SEO if you’re not already. There’s been a lot of talk online in the past few months about how long tail keywords are coming back into focus.

Though it might seem a bit strange, these long tail keywords are tying directly into mobile SEO opportunities for your business. SEO Enigma Reloaded has a lot of information on the opportunity mobile SEO can give you.

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You only have to look at Hummingbird to be aware of mobile SEO. Remember all of the algorithm changes that took place? Hummingbird falls into that category. This algorithm was put in place to deal with the upsurge in mobile SEO.

It’s what handles the search results that are a result of long tail keywords. The reason you want to pay attention to SEO with mobile apps is because people are using voice to handle their search questions.

These results are given to them based on what Hummingbird finds in association with the long tail keywords. So if you, as a business owner, are taking advantage of the SEO power of long tail keywords, your site will be more relevant with the new algorithm than sites that are less specific.

Quality Content Plays an Important Role in SEO

It used to be that you could optimize a website by using just the right keywords. Using the right keywords was done so that the pages would catch the spiders’ (Google robots’) attention, leading to a higher ranking.

But what worked in the past doesn’t work as well now. You have to change your SEO strategy so that you’re giving content that’s valuable. Content is king because it’s the foundation that your business stands on with search engines.

Good content is what makes people linger on your site. It’s what makes them return and it’s what makes them tell other people about your site. Good content is powerful enough to boost your PageRank.

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If you’re still relying on keywords alone – or other stale SEO tactics – and you’re neglecting content, you’re missing out on the more effective ways that you can raise the level of traffic you get. You’ll learn about effective ways to use keywords along with content in SEO Enigma Reloaded.

Falling into the mindset that more is better when it comes to content will backfire on you. It’s far better to have five quality pieces on your website than to have fifty poor quality pieces.

Not only does good content create customers, but it creates a happy search engine when it checks your site. The content should have meaning for your visitors – something that they can take away – whether it’s informative or entertaining, and it should stick with them.

Timing matters, too. You can’t just put something up, even if it’s just good quality and then stop. You have to keep the content going. Hit or miss content misses more often than it hits the target – and sporadic posting makes Google value your site less because it’s not fresh.

What do search engines define as good content? It’s content that’s useful to your site visitors. That’s what the search engines look for. But that’s not all they look at when checking your site.

There are other things that factor into them deciding if your content is good or not. They look at the amount of work involved. A 500 word post is considered more valuable content-wise than a 200 word post. Everything on your site is checked – even the visuals like images or slideshows.

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A poorly constructed website that looks like it was put together by an amateur won’t rank as well – especially if the content has misspelled words, long blocks of unbroken text or the sentences just don’t make sense.

SEO Enigma Reloaded will also show you how to optimize your website so that it helps your ranking. The content on your site has to be targeted at whatever niche or subject your site is geared toward.

If your site is all about custom car parts, then your content should reflect that. If you start having posts that are off topic, then the search engines don’t consider this to be relevant or quality no matter how well it might be written.

How Fast Can You Rank for a Targeted Keyword?

Because of the recent changes that were made with search engine algorithms, how fast targeted keywords rank has also changed. It takes more time to rank than it used to take.

But these changes don’t mean that it’s impossible to rank well and rank fast. You’ll learn more about these changes and how to rank in the information shared in SEO Enigma Reloaded.

The time it takes to rank well is between 36-48 hours depending on your keywords. By using certain tactics that are well within the rules of SEO since the changes, you can still drive up your ranking fairly quickly. But the reason why you can do this might surprise you.

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To rank fast, you need to turn to the power of long tail keywords. If you think that you can use short tail keywords and rank just as fast, you’d be wrong. The reason is because the new algorithm changes affect how search engines look at your website. Long tail keywords come across as looking more relevant in a search.

The more specific your keywords happen to be, the better and faster they end up ranking. While everything about your website does play into how well your site does overall in a search engine, your keywords carry the bulk of the responsibility.

By using long tail keywords, you speak to an audience that already knows what they’re looking for. This matters because target specific sites using long tail keywords fare better with how fast they get indexed and ranked.

You rank faster using long tail keywords because you’re not battling everyone else as much as you are with the shorter keywords. Your competition is not as thick. This means that your use of long tail keywords stands out and ranks faster.

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What you have to do is have a handful of long tail keywords that are all geared toward driving search traffic your way. You want the words that aren’t as competitive for a reason.

If you’ve paid attention to the changes going on, you’ll see that search engines are utilizing a more question and answer format. When someone asks a question, the search engine wants to give that person better results that answer the question rather than give him or her a broad list of what the answer might be.

These formats are leaning away from the vague, catch-all of short tail keywords. For example, instead of typing in “poison ivy,” people are searching for “home remedies for poison ivy.” The short tail keyword is so broad that it brings up results that search engines feel are too vague.

Building Links Without Breaking the Rules of SEO

When you type keywords into a search engine, you get a SERP or search engine results page. To the average consumers, this doesn’t really mean a whole lot to them. They’re just looking for information.

But to the person relying on SERP to bring in traffic, it means big success (or little success) with getting people to their site. The use of links is one way that helps bring in traffic because it can cause a page to rank higher.

Not every site used honest methods when it came to building links – and they learned it from unscrupulous marketers who taught blackhat efforts. SEO Engima Reloaded is one product that takes aim at shady ranking strategies and tries to help entrepreneurs learn the right way to build links and rank in the SERPs.

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Google cracked down on websites that employed scheming or tactics that tried to scam the system. Because of this crackdown, site owners have to be more careful how they build links. They could end up violating the rules of SEO if they aren’t careful. Breaking the rules gets your site penalized, drops your ranking and you lose traffic.

You don’t have to break the rules. You can build solid links that won’t get your hands slapped. Whenever you’re about to engage in a link strategy, always ask yourself the one question that will keep your site’s links within the rules. That question is, “Is this link relevant?”

For a link to be relevant, it should be a natural one. Unnatural links can get you penalized. You don’t want to link the website where your content is on dog training to your website on natural remedies to treat acne. Neither one of those topics has any relevance to the other. You can bet a search algorithm will catch it.

Make sure that you build links from sites that are beneficial to visitors. If you link to a site that that exists (but that’s pretty much it), then this is a failed link. Even if your site is relevant – if you link to someone else’s site that isn’t – it will hurt your site’s ranking.

You need to know how to use links to your advantage and this is information that SEO Enigma Reloaded can show you. You have to use nofollow attributes to keep search engines happy. You can use “rel=nofollow” to keep from getting penalized for any links that aren’t natural.

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This lets that site link be ignored. You’ll see this with paid links. Another example of unnatural links are links that are under your influence – and these are what search engines look for.

When your anchor text has links, you need to use a nofollow in order to avoid getting busted by the algorithm. If you’re on someone else’s site doing a guest blog, don’t use keywords in the anchor text that lead back to your site.

Another way you want to avoid breaking the rules of SEO is to make sure that you don’t have any external links in your website footer. Many people don’t even realize they’re there – so double check and clean up any SEO-damaging links on or to your site online.

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