seoThe landscape of search engine optimization is always changing. Certain elements remain the same, but other parts of the algorithms have to be updated to keep spammers from ruling the Internet.

One thing that will never change – despite how SEO changes – is the need for content that’s real and delivers what people want. If you don’t have good content, you’re going to see your sites affected now and in the future.

Not only should you have quality content on all of your sites and content that’s more than a few words, but you should also focus on your social media content. This is an often overlooked virtual real estate that’s prime for SEO strategies.

Pay attention to customer feedback – the comments, questions and suggestions can help you gear your SEO toward what today’s customers are looking for. You can use their tips to better your SEO.

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No matter how tempting it is, don’t try to figure out a way to beat the new SEO rules. It will only come back to bite you in the end and you’ll lose valuable time as well as opportunities for business growth.

While some businesses are afraid that links are on the way out, they’re not. Use links on your business sites, but make sure they’re natural ones. You want to take the time to build a credible network.

This means looking to build relationships with those who work for online newspapers or news organizations. Build relationships with experts in your niche, with bloggers and others who will talk about your business.

This is a way of building natural SEO links, brand awareness and more. It’s important because credible sites talking about your site gives more authority to your business.

You must be mobile savvy when it comes to SEO if you’re not already. There’s been a lot of talk online in the past few months about how long tail keywords are coming back into focus.

Though it might seem a bit strange, these long tail keywords are tying directly into mobile SEO opportunities for your business. SEO Enigma Reloaded has a lot of information on the opportunity mobile SEO can give you.

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You only have to look at Hummingbird to be aware of mobile SEO. Remember all of the algorithm changes that took place? Hummingbird falls into that category. This algorithm was put in place to deal with the upsurge in mobile SEO.

It’s what handles the search results that are a result of long tail keywords. The reason you want to pay attention to SEO with mobile apps is because people are using voice to handle their search questions.

These results are given to them based on what Hummingbird finds in association with the long tail keywords. So if you, as a business owner, are taking advantage of the SEO power of long tail keywords, your site will be more relevant with the new algorithm than sites that are less specific.

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